How To Download And Install HP Printer

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How to Download and Install HP PrinterHP brand printers have many users, along with the Epson, Canon, and Samsung brands. HP has released various types of printers, such as multifunction, single-sided, and even monochrome. HP-branded printers have excellent durability. No wonder HP printers compete with other brands.


When buying an HP printer connected to a laptop/PC, you must install the driver first. If you buy a new printer, there is usually an original CD that you can use to install the printer driver.

However, it is different if you have been using the printer for a long time, and suddenly your printer has a problem with the driver that causes it to not print. You will have to download the driver again to install it again on your laptop/PC.

In this article, I will share how to install and download drivers for HP printers. Because many users are still confused about how to install and download printer drivers easily and quickly.

How to Download HP Printer

1. First of all, please open this site. Then click the search icon, and type in your printer type.

2. Next, if your printer driver has appeared, please open it and scroll down until you find the driver download table, as shown below.

3. Next, please select the driver according to your wishes and also according to the operating system of your device. To download it, click the Download button

How to Install HP Printer 

If you have finished downloading the printer driver, you should next install the printer driver to your PC / Laptop device.

  • First, ensure that your printer is connected to your PC / Laptop device. You can use a USB to join it.
  • Next Run
  • Next, run the driver file extension.
  • Please follow the steps on the screen when you do the installation.
  • If the driver installation process is complete, please try using your printer to see if the printer driver installation that you did was successful.

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